Computer Repair

One of our longest performed services and the foundation of our business growth is computer servicing. We perform 360° of PC repair, maintenance, customization and upgrade services in both hardware and software. This entails everything from your personal desktop, mobile gadgets such as tablets, smart phones and even business secured data servers and cloud systems. The founder and our main field technician has 20 years under his belt. A business track record has been established that entails successful job performance in all of the areas described.

Web Development

When it comes to web development, we like to exceed user interface and graphic design standards while maintaining our mission to provide competitive low rates. We specialize in the ability to turn a persons vision into a reality. This is achievable by the broad spectrum of graphic design tools and languages we have in our tool-set. Most importantly, we try to stay ahead of the game by consistently advancing our studies in the latest trends and technologies.