ZRTECH (pronounced "Z"-"R"-Tech) is a general IT (Information Technology) virtual business (online business no store front) established in 2008 in Olympia, WA. Since it's inception, the company's focus has been on computer and mobile electronic repair and servicing. 2009 business administration and advertising was solidified and community awareness became the focus of the founder. 2010 a store front was opened in Lacey, WA that did not do well. 2011, it was confirmed that brick and mortar was not a necessary business model implementation and all business has gone virtual since. 2012 contracts and subcontracting began taking place for Microsoft, Thrive Community Fitness, Van Dorm Realty, Forza Coffee Co and other small businesses. 2013 the company began expanding into mobile and web development. 2014 we have commenced expanding a team into APP development.

The company's mission is to provide high quality service at competitive prices.

The company's vision is to establish a brand that innovates in the field of technology and expands further into advanced developments of software and electronics.

Our competitive edge: We have established a relationship with hackers that have offered the opportunity to perform security vulnerability testing on our products. We also perform custom developments on all technologies to provide a level of service that is adaptive to our customer's project needs. We work on a budget so that we can cater to all project scales.

Founder and IT Generalist: Zahir Narsisto Rodulfo
Lead Programmer: Leolando Tan
Hardware Specialist: Chris Chance

Expanding at the moment. Submit requests for employment by submitting a resume to our company e-mail (info@zrtechnologies.com).

Use our Contact us form to send us any service requests or questions.